Sponsor the EBMWG 2019 Congress & Workshop

The XIV EBMWG International Course and Workshop on Bone Marrow Pathology is the is the premier conference entirely dedicated to bone marrow pathology. With the success of the EBMWG 2017 meeting, our 2019 event provides a wealth of excellent sponsorship and exhibition opportunities. All sponsors will receive recognition of their level of contribution in print, on the web, in registration brochures, in the conference program, and during opening and closing of the conference.

Why sponsor the EBMWG 2019 congress?

  • EBMWG 2019 is the biggest meeting entirely dedicated to bone marrow pathology in the world.
  • EBMWG 2019 focusses at the newest insights as well as technical developments in bone marrow pathology.
  • EBMWG 2019 is attended by pathologists interested in bone marrow pathology from all over the world, the international experts in this field as well as other professionals interested in this subject such as molecular biologists.
  • EBMWG 2019 will be a medium-sized event (200 – 300 delegates) featuring plenary sessions, therefore easy to establish contacts with delegates.
  • EBMWG 2019 will have 3 Workshops in which cases will be presented for the first time by means of digitalized slides.
  • EBMWG 2019 offers excellent opportunities to make your company visible to the community of specialists in bone marrow pathology and leading academic investigators.

The organizers therefore cordially invite corporations and not-for-profit entities to financially support the meeting to be held in Frankfurt, April 11-14, 2019. Please contact the local organizer ( hm.kvasnicka@ebmwg2019.org) to initiate your sponsorship, or for any additional information and request a copy of the sponsorship prospectus.